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'mega-t' album is a 3 x CD / 100 page full-colour booklet with 50 tree seeds (Europe) and 33 track download Electronic Dance Music album. Featuring some of the best trance, house, ambient, techno, spoken word, meditation, folk and philosophy tracks on the planet. 
The album comes with a 100 page full-colour booklet featuring great articles on shamanism, dance, gaia, creation spirituality, psychedelics, wisdom and much much more.   

Announced 20 december 2012, the birth of the 5th world and officially released on march 20 2013 - the album has been 
designed for the 10's (2010-2020). Available now.

Artists on the album include Marshall Jefferson, Energy 52, Man With No Name, Slam, Star Sounds Orchestra, Astralasia, Solar Quest, Earth Nation, Astrix, S-Range, Thelemic Pulse, Seize The Day along with some of the world's greatest spiritual teachers Timothy Leary, James Lovelock, Allen Ginsberg, Matthew Fox, Sir Arthur C Clarke, Sir Terry Pratchett, Terence Mckenna, Caroline Aldred, Gabrielle Roth, Rupert Sheldrake. The mega-t album booklet comprises artwork by artists including Jamie Reid (the Sex Pistols), Sheila Maclurkin, Martin Wood and others and all packaged on 100% environmentally-friendly packaging. 
Dance tracks include Open Our Eyes, Positive Education, Cafe del Mar, Flooressence, Jaia, Earth Nation and Mir, Beat-mixed by DJ TK a well-known London DJ and re-mixer of 30 years standing.
The dance CD (album) compliments the ambient which is a deep downtempo electronic mixed album. Including artists Solar Quest, Astralasia, Star Sounds Orchestra, Thelemic Pulse, Rhythm of Space, Seize the Day and more tracks are mixed with natural sounds between them creating a continuing audio mix and including live audio quotes by world-famous philosophers (Allen Ginsberg, Baba Ram Dass, Rupert Sheldrake, Timothy Leary, Terence Mckenna ) mixed between tracks giving an overall soundscape.
The third CD is an electronic / techno / ambient CD mirroring the 8 solar festivals of the year. These tracks have been specially composed and recorded and feature Unimind, John Crow, Maria Silmon and many others.  The tracks are guided by John Crow of the Southwark Mysteries (the Cambridge educated writer and performer of Crossbones graveyard fame). The tracks are up and downtempo, acid, house , ambient, some with haunting vocals, produced by the Unimind sound system, responsible for the original mega-t 'shamanarchy experiment' events. The album concludes with a great full moon meditation guided by Suzy Straw, of Sacred Dance.
The 100 page full-colour booklet is a 'future perfect guide' containing original artwork and is printed on environmentally-friendly tree-free paper made from sugarcane bagasse specially imported. Beautiful artwork is enhanced by fantastic graphics from Martin Wood and featuring great articles on dance (Gabrielle Roth ) gaia (James Lovelock ) psychedelics (Terence Mckenna ) Zippies (Fraser Clark ) Spirituality (Maria Morris and Matthew Fox) poetry by Michael Horovitz, art by Thelemic Pulse, Tantra by Caroline Aldred, quotes from Ram Dass, Sir Terry Pratchett and much more.  
The CD's are entitled 'dance', 'ambient' and 'shamanarchy'. 

Please see the following 'CD' page for full track-listings and 'Other' section for full details of all the booklet articles. 
The album comes from a scene that initially blossomed in the 90's in the Uk, centred on London.  
The ambient album contains soundbites recorded at the live mega-t events by people such as Terence Mckenna, Sir Arthur C Clarke, Timothy Leary, Dr Rupert Sheldrake, Allen Ginsberg, Ram Dass, Jaki da Costa and others.

The physical album costs £15.00 (GBP) (including an 'extra' 23 minute guided meditation track (guided by Baba Ram Dass, one of the world's greatest spiritual teachers (entitled 'Peace', for spiritual and physical healing) produced by the Knights Of The Occasional Table and is the 33rd track.
(the price includes UK postage costs). Postage is extra in other countries although just a nominal amount of £2.50 GBP / or equivalent).
The album is available worldwide (the 50 tree seeds are only available in Europe).

The 33 track electronic download costs £10.00 GBP (British pound). The electronic download has exactly the same tracks as the physical album (obviously without booklet / tree seeds) containing all 33 tracks including the Ram Dass meditation.

The physical album comes with 50 tree seeds (in Europe) as mentioned. These seeds are Alder, Scots Pine and Silver Birch varieties. (Please see the 'trees' page. Tree seeds cannot be posted from the UK to countries outside the EU.

30 second clips of tracks are available to hear on the Home page mp3 player or on the mega-t soundcloud (soundcloud.com/megat-album ) page. A 10 minute section of the meditation track ' Peace'by Ram Dass (with visuals) is available to hear from the 'Other' section page at the bottom, on Youtube.

In order to purchase the album please register / sign in to the site , which is simple to do and go to the relevant section to order (which is easy). The physical album will be posted in environmentally-friendly packaging. The download you will immediately be able to download from this site. The download is available in very good quality audio options (for more details please see the download page). (Your information is private).

The album booklet is a 100 page guide to shamanism, sacred dance, gaia, evolutionary consciousness, love magic, full moon celebration and nature based spirituality including articles by Ram Dass, Timothy Leary, James Lovelock, Gabrielle Roth, Terence Mckenna, Caroline Aldred, Michael Horovitz, Matthew Fox, Sir Terry Pratchett, King Arthur, Maria Morris, Thelemic Pulse, Fraser Clark (Please see the list of booklet article authors on the 'cd' page and examples of some of the artwork). The booklet also contains an updated 'diy' directory including details of organisations involved in environmental awareness, yoga, ethical banking, festival guides, protest, feng shui, healing, party organisation, druidry, wicca and more.
The mega-t album booklet is printed on primarily sugarcane bagasse paper- paper made from the waste of the sugarcane plant- an environmentally-friendly crop (and is the most environmentally-friendly paper on the planet). 

Packaging on the album overall is 100% environmentally-friendly. The cd's are recycled (this means everything apart from the silver layer), the cd box is printed using non-toxic water-based varnish and is 100% recyclable. It comes from a company which is 'carbon-neutral' via co2 balance and uses FSC certified sustainable premium card. All inks in the packaging / on the cd's are vegetable based. The booklet is printed on primarily sugarcane bagasse paper which is elemental chlorine and acid free, using renewable raw materials. The paper mill uses an effluent water irrigation system and is self-sustaining. Sugarcane is a C4 plant which means it is very effective at photosynthesis taking in more carbon dioxide than other plants. The UN is currently trying to transfer this capacity into rice plants to help as a solution to climate change. The tree seed bags are 100% biodegradeable (Europe only). Postage envelopes are 100% recycled and bubblewrap in the postage for the album is 100% biodegradeable. The album is arguably the most environmentally-friendly music product ever produced. (and certainly we believe the most environmentally-friendly electronic dance music product ever produced).
The album also comes with a single ('t') tea bag of green tea and a scented paper within the album booklet which gives the booklet some scent (lavender, honeysuckle, jasmine, seascape, patchouli).
All tracks are copyright P & C drl ltd 2012.

Please see a few undedited raw archive video clips from the 'mega-t' live events on the 'Videos' page (filmed by Steve Teers of Diva Pictures www.divapix.co.uk)  circa 1993-1996 (the mega-t archive). 

30 second clips of tracks from the album in the correct order can be heard at http://soundcloud.com/megat-album/ and at the bottom of the home page. 

Please see the 'CD' page for full details, 'Download' for full details of how to obtain the download and 'Our Blog' for some background and information on the album and a few articles on contributors / artists.

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